TinyTunes Music App 2017: Official Download (Avoid Virus/Malware)

Download Official TinyTunes App here. Current latest Android APK version is 1.8.1 2017 (version 1.8.2 or 1.9 is the next release). TinyTunes helps you stream, download and manage music collection from various sources for free. With this app, downloading and streaming your favorite songs become much easier. Just one tap away from your Android phone or tablet. Install TinyTunes and get music, itunes chart, billboard, and many more songs free. Download official TinyTunes APK from this site, to keep your Android device safe and secure.

Download only the official app to avoid viruses that slow down your phones and malwares that steal your private information

I apps my life.

Being deeply in love with mobile lifestyle, I use apps a lot in my daily life. I love listening to music, and I do it almost everywhere. Especially when I’m on the move, going to my office in the morning, sitting on bus and inside the subway. It helps me relax while getting caught in traffic jam, or waiting for my dinner to be delivered. It also helps me focused before going to a night class.

Music is a huge part of my life. Music streaming is a life changer for me. I could enjoys million songs with just a touch on the app. But occasionally, streaming doesn’t work. Mainly due to these three reasons:
1. Unreliable ISP (Internet Service Provider). My main internet connection is going pretty slow on peak hours
2. Blank spots. I can’t get connected to wifi hotspot, especially the free and non protected ones; and
3. Empty pocket. I’m out of mobile data packages 😛

This is where tinytunes comes into my life. Tinytunes is an app that allows you to download any music. The downloaded file will be saved into your device, and you can play it anytime. Even when you’re offline without internet connection. Pretty cool, right?

TinyTunes APP 1.8.1 (2017) – The Only Music App You’ll Ever Need

tinytunes app logo

In this mobile era, listening music is as easy as tap on your screen, you can do it anytime anywhere, whether you are connected to internet or being offline. You definitely need an app that can download and stream music at once.

First time I heard about this app’s name, my mind run into some old classic cartoons movies in 90’s. Yes, Bugs Bunny on Looney Tunes. The theme song of those cartoon echoing in my ears. And after I install this app, I automatically search for those theme song in this Tiny Tunes android app. And, can I found it? Yes, of course. This app capable to find any music in your mind, from any decades. It’s an amazing app. Tiny Tunes is a music app, which allow you to stream millions of songs hosted on several different servers from your Android smartphones.

Previously it was called TinyShark. Currently it has few popular names, such as tinytunes music player or tinytunes music downloads. Since, tinytunes apk removed from Google Play Store and Kindle App Store, you have to download the installer file (.APK) and install it manually. Here, You can securely download official tinytunes apk for free.

Click here to get TinyTunes APK.

Step by Step to Download and Install Tiny Tunes App for Android

Tinytunes comes built originally for Android. Anyone with Android 2.3 Gingerbread (API level 10) or higher can have full access to the app. The newest version is tinytunes 1.8. The developer diligently release updates. Therefore, it has significant additional features compared to the previous version 1.7 or 1.6 or even its predecessor TinyShark.

Follow this simple steps to download and install Tiny Tunes for Android.

  • Download Tiny Tunes here.
  • After downloading the APK, install it into your device.
  • Open the tinytunes app.


Setting Unknown Source for Android: Do it, if the installation failed.

In some cases, some people found that tinytunes app didn’t work out in their device. If your tinytunes is not working you should try to enable your “unknown sources” setting. Go to your “Settings” menu and check the unknown sources.


Getting Started: How to Use Tiny Tunes Features?

After the installation is complete, you’ll be launched into the main menu of TinyTunes APP. There are three menus here: Setting Menu, Search Menu and Top Menu. Side Menu appears based on selection on the Top Menu.

After the installation is complete, you’ll be launched into the main menu. There are three menus available: Top Menu, Search Menu and Setting Menu.

Top Menu contains music charts, download library and playing menu. And Side Menu appears based on selection of the Top Menu.

Search Menu is to quickly find any songs your heart demands.

Setting Menu is used to configure all the settings. For example, if you check the “Automatically Check” this will make this app automatically check for updates when you open it. “Scan on load”, will make this app scan your downloaded files and ensure that they still available in your library.

How to Change the Download Location, If Your Device is Already Full?

When you download some songs, the music files will be saved in default drive/directory storage of your Android phone. This could be troublesome if you have limited internal storage capacity. But, you can freely change this location from Setting menu. Check in “Download Location” setting. And change the selected folder to external storage (SD CARD).

Search Your Favorite Song/Music, Artist, Album

Tap this menu, and you can type and search any kind of music, music videos, music and dance music, opening song, country song, intro movie, theme song lyrics, love song, music lyrics etc. If the app couldn’t find them from any sources, it will show error message on requesting file. So, make sure you type the right keyword. The search result can be sort using title, bitrate or size.

Browsing Music Charts to Find Trending and Inspiring New Songs using TinyTunes

The best features coming from this app is Charts, which located at Top Menu. You can simply choose the chart that you’re interested in, a cloud of various artists will pour in. There are: iTunes Top Songs, iTunes Top Albums, iTunes New Release, Billboard Hot 100, Billboard 200, Billboard Top Digital Songs, and many other top music charts. It helps a lot for someone who like to follow up the trends in music industry.

Tap Charts > iTunes Top Songs > and you directly go to the list of the songs. Select the song you want.

The picked song will be added to your music playlist. You can Download the songs or directly Play the song right away or Add it to the playing queue.

How to Check and Manage the Download Progress in TinyTunes?

Tap into Top Menu > Download. This is the list of your download queue, it’s called tiny tunes music downloads. It will be empty if you don’t have any queue download.

How to See All the Offline (Downloaded) Songs?

Tap into Top Menu > Library. By tapping this menu, you can see the list of music that has been downloaded. Check the box to send the music into your playlist queue. You are free to manage your own music library here.

How to Play Music and Manage Playlist?

Tap into Top Menu > Playing. The list of currently playing music is in here. So, with this features you can build your own custom playlist. Check on song title that you want to listen. As your expectation, all the buttons you need are here, and none feel out of place from where they ended up. Skip tracks using the arrows, add a playlist from library, and delete the song you don’t want to hear today from your playlist.

Keep in mind, that this is how the app will start off by learning your preferences for everything – from what to play on the local radio, to what artists and albums are recommended during new release – So, be as specific as you can to have the best possible chance of scoring a match in your general listening preference.

In case your suggestions don’t seem to fit later on, you can always go back in and reset the artist cloud by deleting your playlist.

Download and Install Tiny Tunes App for IPhone and iOs

If you are an iPhone user, there are several extra steps that you should do before installing Tiny Tunes app and enjoy downloading and streaming million of songs. It requires a bit of extra work and recommended for advanced user that has experiences in Jailbreaking. Unfortunately, you may not find any .IPA since it’s not available on iTunes App Store. But, You still can install it under the help of third party, such as Android Emulator for iPhone and iPad. Try to use iAndroid, or any other emulator if you found it. So, here are the things that you need to do.

Step 1. Download Android Emulator for iPhone and iPad, e.g. iAndroid from Cydia.

Step 2. Install it on your iPhone or iPad, and do the Setting (if needed).

Step 3. Download Tinytunes installer file from here.

Step 4. Export it to your iOs device and run it into your Android Emulator that have been installed in your device.

Step 5. Run the tinytunes app.

Due to the difficulty of installing apps manually on iOS, if you’re an advanced user, these steps might be easy to follow. Another convenient way would be finding alternatives, such as Spotify Music App, or My Mixtapez Music.

Download and Install Tiny Tunes App for PC, Laptop on Windows 7. 8.1 & 10

Tinytunes also does not come built for PC, there is no available installer for Windows OS. But, you still can use it using an Android Emulator, it’s similar to tinytunes for iPhone. Emulator is a program that runs on your Windows and it can be used to host/play Android apk files. There are several good emulator out there, but you can try to use BlueStacks, or Andy. We have tried it, and it work pretty decent in our desktop computer. Here the steps:

Step 1. Download BlueStacks from www.bluestacks.com. Tips: you will need to secure at least 2GB space on your PC, to make this emulator run smoothly.

Step 2. Install BlueStacks on your PC, and do the Setting (if needed). You need to use your gmail account to register and login into BlueStacks.

Step 3. Download Tinytunes installer file from here.

Step 4. Open tinytunes apk using your BlueStacks. Right click on the tinytunes apk and select “Open With”. Choose the emulator (BlueStacks in this case). There will be a notification after you done installing tinytunes app.

Step 5. Run the tinytunes app.

Pros and Cons: What makes this app so good? Why shouldn’t I use it?

Why people love to use TinyTunes and some would not? We conclude several things about the pros and cons in using this app.

Some albums / artists are incomplete.Can’t be used in many platform. Require third party (emulator) to be used in another platform.

Sometimes it easily crashes and still has bugs.When the data streaming is not good, sometimes it keep loading and lagging for a long time.

Stream new and trending music in any charts. Sometimes the result of your search is mismatched.
Create playlist and able to be played offline. Some albums / artists are incomplete.
Using this app you can directly download any music file from any sources. Sometimes it easily crashes and still has bugs.
Able to download from multiple videos (batch download) and doesn’t really affected the speed download. When the data streaming is not good, sometimes it keep loading and lagging for a long time.
Easy and simple User Interface makes tinytunes app extremely easy to use. Can’t be used in many platform. Need third party (emulator) to be used in another platform.
No need registration to use this app.
Completely free and no ads.


In conclusion from our experience, we can tell that Tinytunes APP is one of the best Music Downloader and Streaming Player app.